Chapter 5, study questions.

March 28, 2012

1. What features of the site cause Crusoe to build his home where he does?
2. How does Crusoe make his home as safe as possible from the beginning?
3. What particularly worries Crusoe about lightning?
4. How does Crusoe get his first meat?
5. When Crusoe is facing feelings of despair, how is he able to reason his way out of this mood?
6. Describe the calendar Crusoe creates to keep track of time.
7. Why does Crusoe decide to write down his account of what is happening to him?
8. What improvements does Crusoe make to his cave?
9. What does Crusoe learn about his – or any person’s – ability to make basic things?
10. How does Crusoe first react when he realizes barley is growing outside his house?
11. What does he realize is the real reason the barley sprouted?


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